Busy days

 Wow, have we been busy! It's been years since we've had to set up for living in a new place. When we moved to Uganda, it was a gradual thing. A little here, a little there until you had all you needed. Not this time, not with this move. Because we were limited in how much we could bring with us, very few items came from our home in Michigan.
Our friend Delmy has showed us around many stores. Furniture, appliances, housewares, more furniture. I think she likes to shop. Its been a bit overwhelming looking at what we might like and trying to convert their currency in our heads to know how much we are paying. Slowly, we are getting a handle on it. I'm pretty tired of shopping, but there is more to do. Seriously, I'd like some prayer for that too, to find the right stuff and at good prices!!
This week we are meeting again with a few people concerning ministry. Really can't wait to get started. Going out with the group from Alabama was so much fun for me while I left Ken to take care of getting official documents we needed to be able to buy a car. I have no remorse either. Not even a little. 
At the end of last week we were able to go to a local school. Its in a questionable neighborhood, so to speak. The kids there certainly need prayer. We went to an elementary and a high school. They both were happy to have us and are interested in how we can work together for the good of the kids and staff. So much potential for ministry. Please join us in prayer for God to show us what He wants us to do at these schools. 

Until next time, may you see His blessings throughout your day!