Be still?

I laugh that the last post was titled, "Busy days". Things sure changed for me in a hurry.

We had  been planning a few meetings for ministry but because of other people's schedules, it all fell through. Nothing was going on for us as far as ministry except for the local kids. I can't speak for Ken, but I was getting frustrated with the waiting and honestly also a little judgmental about other people's schedules. This was when "Be still" came to me in the middle of the night. The next evening I ended up in bed with a fever. I felt like the flu was attacking me. That morphed into my back spasming and keeping me in bed a few more days. Lots of time to "Be still". OK God, got the message. 

During those few days of trying to be still another verse kept coming across my Facebook newsfeed and also in reading. "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails." Proverbs 19:21 It was another, "OK God!" moment for me. We can make the best plans but what we should all really want are HIS plans. Those are the best of the best. Being in His will/plans for our lives has so many benefits. Joy and peace being two of my
favorites. A very dear friend said she admired me for being willing to move away from home. It's not that I wanted to move, but I'm kinda greedy for His joy and peace. If moving to Honduras gets me that, I'm all in. He makes the journey a very beautiful thing and I trust Him for it.

So, what have we actually been doing? Working on the house little by little, having fun with the neighborhood kids, Ken has been getting a lot of walks in, getting to know the area and Saturday I went shopping with our neighbor to supply the the church across the street with food for their congregation.
It was something we hope to do with them every month, but we will see what God's plans are for it. We might also be meeting with another school and return to the one in Las Brisas that we visited a few weeks ago. We are fully trusting Him to open doors and close doors.