God's Timing

So many things have been falling into place at just the right time. This is what I call "God's Timing". How could it be anything else? I certainly could not arrange things to happen in such amazing ways as we have seen in the last week.

God's Timing also asks us to trust Him, to have faith, let go of worry and stress. Hard deal some days but the pay-off in blessings is so worth it.

With everything that has been accomplished, housing is also on the top of our list. So far, we have looked at one house to rent. It is really big for the price! It has more than I would have expected in terms of security and space. Lots of room for mission teams to come down. It has three bedrooms and two of those have their own bathrooms. Another plus is an actual tub. You just don't find those here very often!

But this house is not pretty. The other houses we are scheduled to look at tomorrow are pretty. I would really love to call a pretty house my "home".  This house is dirty too. Needs a bit of work, like painting. Ken and I really don't care to paint. I guess you could say we do NOT like to paint. Then there is the small amount of cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. And, they are not pretty. Not even close. 

UPDATE   Aug 1, 2018

While looking at the newer, pretty houses yesterday, our minds kept coming back to the big house needing work done on it. So, now we are renting it. I'm planning on God being with us every step of the way. It's a promise I keep a grip on.