Getting started

We made it. Our two short flights went well and all of our luggage arrived with us. It was great! It still amazes me that traveling to Honduras takes just a fraction of the time we used to spend getting to Uganda. Tired but not exhausted, plus the time difference is currently only 2 hours. 

Today we will be working on getting phone service and other things like that. Soon we expect to be looking at houses to rent. Because we were very limited with how much we could bring with us, we will have to be doing some serious shopping for whatever place we find to live in. I have faith that God will show us the right one at the right time.

We are currently staying in a Bed and Breakfast type house that is also hosting a Mission group out of Alabama. The group leaders lived here for a short time a few years back. It was fantastic to talk with them last night after they got back from their big day of working with the kids and families connected to the Dream Center in La Lopez. Today they are all headed to take the kids to a local museum then off to El Progresso for more fun. I look forward to getting back to working with kids. 

God blesses wherever He puts us. We just have to listen and obey. It is not as hard as I once thought is was. I've had so many people comment that they think I'm so strong or so brave. No, I'm not. But, HE is. Let God guide your footsteps today. It will be such a blessed road.

-Deanna VanderWal