Be still?

I laugh that the last post was titled, "Busy days". Things sure changed for me in a hurry.

We had  been planning a few meetings for ministry but because of other people's schedules, it all fell through. Nothing was going on for us as far as ministry except for the local kids. I can't speak for Ken, but I was getting frustrated with the waiting and honestly also a little judgmental about other people's schedules. This was when "Be still" came to me in the middle of the night. The next evening I ended up in bed with a fever. I felt like the flu was attacking me. That morphed into my back spasming and keeping me in bed a few more days. Lots of time to "Be still". OK God, got the message. 

During those few days of trying to be still another verse kept coming across my Facebook newsfeed and also in reading. "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails." Proverbs 19:21 It was another, "OK God!" moment for me. We can make the best plans but what we should all really want are HIS plans. Those are the best of the best. Being in His will/plans for our lives has so many benefits. Joy and peace being two of my
favorites. A very dear friend said she admired me for being willing to move away from home. It's not that I wanted to move, but I'm kinda greedy for His joy and peace. If moving to Honduras gets me that, I'm all in. He makes the journey a very beautiful thing and I trust Him for it.

So, what have we actually been doing? Working on the house little by little, having fun with the neighborhood kids, Ken has been getting a lot of walks in, getting to know the area and Saturday I went shopping with our neighbor to supply the the church across the street with food for their congregation.
It was something we hope to do with them every month, but we will see what God's plans are for it. We might also be meeting with another school and return to the one in Las Brisas that we visited a few weeks ago. We are fully trusting Him to open doors and close doors. 

Busy days

 Wow, have we been busy! It's been years since we've had to set up for living in a new place. When we moved to Uganda, it was a gradual thing. A little here, a little there until you had all you needed. Not this time, not with this move. Because we were limited in how much we could bring with us, very few items came from our home in Michigan.
Our friend Delmy has showed us around many stores. Furniture, appliances, housewares, more furniture. I think she likes to shop. Its been a bit overwhelming looking at what we might like and trying to convert their currency in our heads to know how much we are paying. Slowly, we are getting a handle on it. I'm pretty tired of shopping, but there is more to do. Seriously, I'd like some prayer for that too, to find the right stuff and at good prices!!
This week we are meeting again with a few people concerning ministry. Really can't wait to get started. Going out with the group from Alabama was so much fun for me while I left Ken to take care of getting official documents we needed to be able to buy a car. I have no remorse either. Not even a little. 
At the end of last week we were able to go to a local school. Its in a questionable neighborhood, so to speak. The kids there certainly need prayer. We went to an elementary and a high school. They both were happy to have us and are interested in how we can work together for the good of the kids and staff. So much potential for ministry. Please join us in prayer for God to show us what He wants us to do at these schools. 

Until next time, may you see His blessings throughout your day!

God's Timing

So many things have been falling into place at just the right time. This is what I call "God's Timing". How could it be anything else? I certainly could not arrange things to happen in such amazing ways as we have seen in the last week.

God's Timing also asks us to trust Him, to have faith, let go of worry and stress. Hard deal some days but the pay-off in blessings is so worth it.

With everything that has been accomplished, housing is also on the top of our list. So far, we have looked at one house to rent. It is really big for the price! It has more than I would have expected in terms of security and space. Lots of room for mission teams to come down. It has three bedrooms and two of those have their own bathrooms. Another plus is an actual tub. You just don't find those here very often!

But this house is not pretty. The other houses we are scheduled to look at tomorrow are pretty. I would really love to call a pretty house my "home".  This house is dirty too. Needs a bit of work, like painting. Ken and I really don't care to paint. I guess you could say we do NOT like to paint. Then there is the small amount of cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. And, they are not pretty. Not even close. 

UPDATE   Aug 1, 2018

While looking at the newer, pretty houses yesterday, our minds kept coming back to the big house needing work done on it. So, now we are renting it. I'm planning on God being with us every step of the way. It's a promise I keep a grip on.


La Lopez!

One thing I've been looking forward to is getting back to the school at La Lopez. I'm not sure what it was about that place, but when I was asked by the group from Alabama if I wanted to go along with them to the school, I jumped and said, "Yes!" 

Next thing I know we are going down the road to get there. In my pocket is two kleenex and my nearly useless phone.  It then dawned on me that I neglected to bring my camera, purse and money. Great. Of course, I'm with wonderful Christian people so I have nothing to fear. Still, would have been nice to have things I might have needed...or not? I was depending on someone else which can be a bit uncomfortable but in reality, I was relying on my God. He is so trustworthy. Everything needed was provided. All. day. long.

Seeing the kids and teachers being ministered to was a blessing. One person that was heavy on my heart was also on the hearts of people on the team. God made a wonderful breakthrough with this person and it was so very good to witness it. Another woman we met during house visits asked for prayer for her eye that was infected and very red. At the end of the prayer, her eye looked normal. God our Healer! There are more stories to this day but those stand out the most to me. It was a long and wonderful day.

The ministry at La Lopez? Great!  The time with the Alabama team? Fabulous! Relying on God? Amazing.

Getting started

We made it. Our two short flights went well and all of our luggage arrived with us. It was great! It still amazes me that traveling to Honduras takes just a fraction of the time we used to spend getting to Uganda. Tired but not exhausted, plus the time difference is currently only 2 hours. 

Today we will be working on getting phone service and other things like that. Soon we expect to be looking at houses to rent. Because we were very limited with how much we could bring with us, we will have to be doing some serious shopping for whatever place we find to live in. I have faith that God will show us the right one at the right time.

We are currently staying in a Bed and Breakfast type house that is also hosting a Mission group out of Alabama. The group leaders lived here for a short time a few years back. It was fantastic to talk with them last night after they got back from their big day of working with the kids and families connected to the Dream Center in La Lopez. Today they are all headed to take the kids to a local museum then off to El Progresso for more fun. I look forward to getting back to working with kids. 

God blesses wherever He puts us. We just have to listen and obey. It is not as hard as I once thought is was. I've had so many people comment that they think I'm so strong or so brave. No, I'm not. But, HE is. Let God guide your footsteps today. It will be such a blessed road.

-Deanna VanderWal

Honduras, here we come.

After enjoying mission work (teaching and preaching) in Uganda for 14 years, we are now headed to Honduras. We loved Uganda and all we were involved in there bu,t it seems God has other plans for us. Next move will be July 24, just 17 days from now. 

We are excited to see what is down the road for us and what God will do through us in Honduras. He is ever faithful, loving and trustworthy. And did I mention humorous? We thought we would be living in Uganda for many years, happy in what we were doing and where we were. At our house we planted apple trees and bananas with plans to enjoy then for years to come. But, as we acknowledged His leading to leave Uganda, it was clear that moving was His idea. He gave us a deep sense of peace and even an excitement for what is ahead. 

We hope you will join us to see what God has up His sleeves next.

-Deanna VanderWal